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Mutlows will always try and be realistic and competitive when it comes to pricing, we always believe in trying to offer an initial incentive where we can. You will not find us the cheapest by a long shot, and will never be the dearest either.

We offer a fair hourly rate across all the counties and towns we cover, currently that is £25 in a manual car or £28.00 in an automatic car. We are not a school that will increase their prices frequently, we like to have a rise every 12 months dependent on how times are in general.

Currently we have the below special offers on offer for manual only, please remember these are introductory offers and you can choose one offer to use once (Terms and conditions apply)

Please note, Mutlows do subsidise some of the below offers, not all discounts are for the ADI to maintain.

  • First 2 hours just £10 each or
  • First 10 hours just £210 or
  • First 20 hours just £450 or
  • First 30 hours just £690 or
  • First 40 hours just £930

Offers over and above the £210 deal have to be paid direct to the office, payments over this amount can not be paid direct to the instructor